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    • 1D and 2D Hydraulic Modeling to Estimate Bridge Scour: A Case Study 

      García-Santiago, Kettsy (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2021)
      Scour is the effect of erosion of soil surrounding a bridge foundation due to fast-flowing water. This dynamic phenomenon can be categorized as the most common cause of bridge failures. Therefore, scour depth at piers and ...
    • 1x16 Post Weld Continuity 

      Martínez Adorno, Valerie (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2021)
      Laser welding is a critical process of medical device used for the manufacturing process of spinal cord stimulation leads that brings different offenders. The highest for 1x16 family is ...
    • The 2017-2018 Evaluation of the National Operational Excellence Index in Puerto Rico 

      Camacho Cruz, Natali A. (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2019-08-19)
      Puerto Rico has not participated in the evaluation of the World Forum Competitive Index (WFCI) since 2015; consequently, the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (PRMA) created an index to measure productivity on a ...
    • 3D Printing of Biopolymer Composites Fabricated from Polylactic Acid & Eggshell Derived Hydroxyapatite 

      Valentín Arboleda, Paula A. (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2021-09-17)
      Hydroxyapatite ( is a naturally occurring mineral form of calcium apatite, which is found in 65 70 of human bones Waste derived HAp is attracting considerable attention due to its excellent biocompatibility and capacity ...
    • 3D Printing of Conductive Urinary Catheters and their Applications in Electro-Therapies to Overcome Antibiotic Resistance of Bacterial Biofilms 

      Cué Royo, Camila S.; González Arce, Leira K. (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2021-09-17)
      Today, antibiotic-resistant bacteria represent a global health challenge, especially for the control of catheter-associated urinal tract infections (CAUTI). Conventional antibacterial treatment for CAUTI requires a high ...
    • 3D Vibration Isolation Systems Modeling for Air Handling Units 

      Aponte Rivera, Alfredo (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2014)
      Spring isolators systems are commonly used in a variety of ways in today’s construction industry. They are an essential part of the design of many mechanical systems that are in need of absorbing and dissipating unwanted ...
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      Martínez, Jan (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2018)
      Poesía: ¿Cuándo te dijeron sé Qué sentiste mientras te ungías, Mientras te tragabas el celeste De todos los universos? ¿Qué hiciste cuándo te llegó el azul, La rosa de los vientos, la estrella polar, El astro para ...
    • 5s Techniques to Optimize Classroom Organization 

      Moreno López, Stephanie L. (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2020)
      This research project was focused in the 5s methodology for the improvement of an elementary classroom. The 5s is defined as a method of five steps that seeks to improve working space, eliminate waste and improve ...
    • Acerca de “La virgen de los boleros” 

      Rabelo, José (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2016)
      La virgen de los boleros (Isla Negra, 2015) es la nueva colección de cuentos del escritor puertorriqueño, radicado en California, Jorge Luis Castillo. La variedad de temáticas, personajes y situaciones enriquecen el ...

      Rodríguez Maldonado, Christopher (EDP University, 2019-03)

    • Across Space and Time: Architecture and the Politics of Modernity. Patrick Haughey (ED.). Transaction Publishers, 2017. 

      Rigau Pérez, Jorge (School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2017)
      Reseña de Jorge Rigau Pérez, arquitecto y profesor de la Escuela de Arquitectura de la Universidad Politécnica de Puerto Rico del libro "Across Space and Time: Architecture and the Politics of Modernity". * Portada de ...
    • Acupuntura Urbana: el Cerro, Naranjito, Puerto Rico 

      Ortiz Moreau, Beatriz V. (School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2017)
      Acupuntura urbana: El Cerro, Naranjito, Puerto Rico es un ejercicio académico que presenta la Arquitectura como verdadera herramienta de cambio social y a la figura del arquitecto como un facilitador en este proceso. ...
    • ADSL: The Best Choice for Fast Internet Access 

      Rodríguez, Raquelimar; González, Rita; López, Wilfredo; González, Félix; Cruz, Alfredo (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2000-12)
      There is a real need for the increased bandwidth at a tower cost provided by ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line). The time is ripe for deployment due to the current competitive environment, and both A DSL transport ...
    • Aero Repairs Documentation Cycle Time Reduction By Lean Application 

      Negrón Rivera, David A. (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2014)
      In our daily life and world, with a diversity of industries and services, from health to manufacturing, all kind of products; many of them care apply Lean concepts or tools to perform important improvements to their ...
    • Agreste-Urbano de Cecilio Colón Guzmán 

      Trelles, Rafael (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2022)
      Ensayo pintor y artista multidisciplinario Rafael Trelles.
    • Aircraft Wing Spanwise Air-Load Distribution using MATLAB 

      Holguino Borda, Jonathan (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2014)
      Aircraft design is a complex task that involves the interaction between aerodynamics, propulsion, flight mechanics and structures. In particular, the structural design tasks involve the consideration of a significant ...
    • Airfoil Design Using Blade Element Momentum Theory 

      Lobeto Sanfeliz, Rodrigo (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2015)
      A wind turbine is a device designed to extract kinetic energy from the wind and convert it to mechanical energy, which in turn can be equivalent to electric power. On this work we will focus on the aerodynamics of wind ...
    • ¿Algo hubiera sido distinto en Chicago 2016?: Propuestas olímpicas que evitan el desplazamiento social y el aburguesamiento urbano 

      Oliver Didier, Oscar (School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2010)
      Proyectos del curso de diseño urbano (ARCH 4020).
    • Algorithm for User-friendly Password Policy 

      Hernández Liang, Jorge (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2017)
      Password based security has become prevalent as the de facto measure against intrusion. Computer systems rarely focus on usability, and little research has been done to change the current, near universal method of ...