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Albizu University
American University of Puerto Rico
Atenas College
Centros Sor Isolina Ferré
Colegio Marista de Puerto Rico
Colegio Universitario de San Juan
Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico
Dewey University
Municipio Autónomo de Prueba
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
Universidad Central de Bayamón
  • United States Navy Force Projection Improvement Project 

    Olivera Ortiz, Ramon Luis (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2019)
    An increase presence of US Navy ships is required in the Pacific Theater to maintain stability in the region. The increase of operating time at sea for the ships increases the time required for maintenance and repairs ...
  • Idle Time Reduction in Formulation Room 

    Berríos Colón, Mitchelle (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2019)
    The Amgen Manufacturing Limited formulation room was impacted by the increase of forecasted variable demand for 2019 and 2020. During the evaluation it was found that decreases in demand for certain months caused an increase ...
  • Improving the performance of the United States Department of Defense workforce by defining and solving organizational problems 

    Diaz Colon, Marioly (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2019)
    This paper uses structural problem solving as a methodology to define and solve organizational performance within the United States Department of Defense (DoD). First, the article presents the organizational challenges ...
  • First Pass Yield Improvement on Casting Cell Using DMAIC Methodology 

    Luis Peña Méndez (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2019)
    This research project was focused in the First Pass Yield improvement in a cell of a Medical Device Company. In order to improve the first pass yield, the DMAIC methodology was used. This research contributed to improve ...
  • Orion’s Force Class Ship 

    Báez Medina, Liz Marie (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2019)
    The United States Navy (hereinafter referred to as Navy) submitted a request for proposals (RFP) for a new class of surface ships titled Force Class Ship. Orion Industries submitted a proposal for their design which they ...

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